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Wung Thai Restaurant

A Message From the Owner:

Dear Guest, Greetings! "Sawa-Dee-Ka" I began my life in a remote village on a small farm in the North East of Thailand. An area called "Isaan". It is here where I learned about the goodness and richness of Thai food.

There is a lot of reflection about Thai food... it is spicy, hot, and delicious! Yes, the food is undisputedly delicious, and has been increasing as a well known international cuisine. Traditional Thai cuisine is seasoned with Thai Chili Peppers, Lemon grass, Kaffir Lime, Ginger, and Romantic Herbs. A secret to Excellent Thai cooking is to be able to maintain a delicate balance between the spices and main stock ingredients so as to not overwhelm one or the other. The Thai cuisine dishes in this menu are quite well known among Thai people, I hope that you will like them as well.

Thank you "Kap-Kun-Ka" and Welcome!



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